Proudly Handcrafted in Chico, California

Charcuterie boards for Japanese Blossoms in Chico, CA

Custom Wood Furniture and Décor Handmade Locally from Rescued Wood

Each tree grown in urban areas has its own unique history. Trees growing in these unpredictable and unnatural environments develop one-of-a kind grain patterns. No two trees are alike. We preserve reclaimed wood and wood salvaged from old barns in our work. Many of the slabs we work with are salvaged from right here in the “City of Trees”, Chico California. Not only do you get a unique handmade piece in your home or business, you also get a piece of local history.

What We Do

We aren’t just furniture makers. Our custom builds go from mild to wild!

  • Custom Furniture for Home or Business
  • Décor and Gifts with Custom Laser Engraving
  • Bar Tops
  • Conference Tables
  • Signage
  • Doors
  • And More