Meet Us

Meet Aaron & Amanda

As high school sweethearts, we’ve been working as a team since 2002. Our company story begins with a beautiful Claro Black Walnut tree in our backyard in our small little town of Durham, California. The tree had become unsafe and had to be removed. Not only was the tree special to us, the wood was stunning. We knew we wanted to turn the wood into meaningful objects we could keep in our home and share with our family for generations to come.

We find inspiration in old world craftmanship. With a background in welding and a passion for working with our hands, we have a true appreciation for handcrafted locally made pieces. It’s a remarkable feeling when people who share those same passions come to us for a custom build. Our work is more than just furniture. We are humbled everyday by the fact that family memories are made around our creations.

We enjoy everything about what we do, but the most rewarding aspects of our work are the people we meet and our amazing clients!

Meet Delilah the Bulldog!

My name is Delilah, but sometimes humans call me the “shop doggie”. My mom and dad tell me I am very popular on Instagram, whatever that is. I enjoy long days on the couch and doggie bones. I also really enjoy hanging out in my daddy’s shop and chewing on wood scraps!